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Finally all the students have arrived and the Groundwork Projects 2016 have officially started!

Our team counts four students: Pieter from Belgium, Laia from Spain and Nancy and Edgar from Tanzania. They will work on two different projects, supported by Marie & Samantha, two of the development architects.

The first project which is located in Mikocheni has been chosen by Pieter and Edgar. They are designing a house for Wilson (72) a man well known in the community since he used to be the village leader. Until now, village meetings are held within his property. His house and other infrastructures are in poor condition. A stronger house and a possible renovation of other existing infrastructure would make this place ideal to share the construction possibilities with the community. C-re-aid believes that this man will be a great ambassador to the community to display creative building techniques to overcome the environmental challenges of the area.


Pieter has started a bit earlier so their project is now further in the design and the construction will start soon!

The second project chosen by  Laia and Nancy, is located in Maji Moto Arusha. The girls will be working in partnership with Femme International; an organisation active in Tanzania which mission is to address health and safety needs of women  in developing communities. Students will provide an infrastructure for the women of the community  that could be used for gatherings, income generator and an hygienic, private and safe space. This infrastructure should become a prototype to enable duplication of the design in different villages where Femme International will be active in the future.


Laia and Nancy were in Maji Moto together with us and Femme International to visit the site and meet the women and now they are starting the design!

We are all holding our breath to see their amazing projects! Also a big thank you is for all of those people contributing to our fundraising campaign to allow the future architects of Tanzania to join us!


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