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Delivery of Groundwork projects 2016

Amazing! Another year and another two projects were successfully finished by our four students. They have worked so hard to stay within the budget and timeline of the project and managed to achieve great results!

More about Groundwork Projects:

As a student, recent graduate or professional of building arts and sciences, you have the chance to come to Tanzania for 7-12 weeks and work on a unique building project that you complete within a time frame. The Groundwork Projects are happening between July and September. Working in pairs, volunteers choose a project and work together for a 7-12-week period during which they research, design, manage a budget and construct the project.


The students conduct a participatory design with the family, budget calculations and construction. To participate in this intensive experience they fundraise for the costs of the project. By fundraising in their social circle more and more people get to know about the organization and its goals. The costs of the Groundwork can range between 800 euro and 2500 euro. This cost includes building materials, labor and all logistics necessary to complete the project.

The projects of 2016:

P16.04 Architecture as a steppingstone

Pieter (Belgium) and Edgar ( Tanzania) are the students who fundraised, designed, budget and build the project.

img_9083 img_9062 img_9305

Short situation explaination Babu living alone after the death of his wife and his children only come to visit seldom.
program Functionality of the building i.e. 2bed rooms, living room and verandah.
Environment Semi-desert like surrounding with few trees, too much sand[sandy soils] and too much wind.
Concept Court yard conept as per the local context.
Building dimentions 440 x 650
Build square meters 28,6 m2
Social/Political context The residential to act as an ambassador project with new construction techniques for the local people and also emphasize the essence of social interactive spaces i.e like ancient swahili houses with a front porch for interaction.
Needs that the project addresses New construction techniques[rammed earth walls] and solutions to termite attack and dust entry into interior room spaces.
Partner organisation FT Kilimanjaro.
Timing 72 days.
Project Costs (Budget + Actual) Budget: Tshs. 5,184,500
cost / m2 182 000 tsh /m2

2016-09-15-15-53-41 2016-09-15-15-53-24 2016-09-15-15-53-02












P16.06 Introduction of the menstrual cup in Maasai land

Laia(Spain) and Nancy( Tanzania) are the students who fundraised, designed, budget and build the project.

img_0882 img_0826 img_1206


Short situation explaination The building is located at the center of the village where the land on this place is a community land for community facilities in future. Its close to a primary school village offices,a future dispensary(not completed) and shops.
program Office,store,shop and a meeting space
Environment Next to it there is a  community owned farmland .It’s an arid environment with few trees around.
Concept The plan was inspired by the Maasai homes which are a mixture of rectangles and curves,the golden ratio helped us to proportion our plan.In 3D the big roof defines our building shape by covering a meeting space where the stone seats enfold the building.
Building dimentions Close space:5×3 meters Open space:5×5 meters
Build square meters Close space 15 square meters Open space 25 meter square. total: 40 m2
Social/Political context Community project
Needs that the project addresses Meeting space,Storage space,and an entrepreneurial opportunity(shop)
Partner organisation Femme International
Timing 7 weeks (2 Designing & 5 Building
Project Costs (Budget + Actual) Tshs 4 555 000[2000€]-Bugdet, Tshs 4 579 250[2010€]-Actual
cost / m2 114,500/m2

img_9313 img_9519-custom img_9416-custom img_9368-custom

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