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The goals of 2016 and looking at 2017

About one year ago, C-re-aid NGO had a big team meeting where our mission, vision and goals were revised and restructured. We set up quarterly actions and yearly objectives to make sure our bigger growing organisation moves in one direction. Now it is time to look at those objectives and evaluate them!

Important to know is that our team has been working, not only on achieving the goals but also on improving the mission, vision and goals of C-re-aid.  (This went hand in hand with the release of our new website.)  First of all, we refined the “foundation” of C-re-aid, which is our core values and our strategy. It is important for our various target groups that the way that this is communicated is clear and straightforward. So we started identifying and analysing the issues that our organisation will deal with, following into a mission and three clear goals.


Changing building culture in Tanzania, due to modern influences, climate change and environmental policies, leads to poor building qualities and living situations. TRAINING Educate and train international and local people, in order to motivate/inspire more people (architects) to work in this field of social architecture.
Poor living situations are contributing to the vulnerability to fall into poverty. We explore the possibilities of architecture to promote long-term ecological and affordable building KNOWLEDGE Research and develop affordable and locally available building materials and building techniques in order to create a durable, ecological and sustainable building culture.
Use of unecological materials will have disastrous consequences for the environment as people will always need more housing and infrastructure. DESIGN Make architecture available for all and change the current building culture in order to improve living conditions for all and assist in the fight against poverty.


Our goals have been clarified and within those 3 key goals “training, knowledge and design” we can now fit our objectives and quarterly goals. The 3 year goals of C-re-aid as defined in 2015 were as following:

  • Inventory in place of all local materials in Tanzania, the ways to use them and geographically mapped
  • Alternative found for unsustainable building materials
  • 60% of Moshi residents can recite the meaning of an architect
  • 50 % of the students in the groundwork projects are Tanzanian
  • 20 new partnerships
  • 20 C-re-aid building projects per year
  • Income generating activities that cover our operational costs.

Some of the goals we aimed for in 2018 have already been achieved since together with our new strategy our priorities have shifted. For example, already in 2016, we managed to have 50% of Tanzanian students in the groundwork projects. As shown below our new strategy focusses much more on the research of the unsustainable materials and a direct solution for them. Following on the research, testing phases and small- scale project will be executed, resulting in C-re-aid becoming experts in the use of a new building technique. For our goals, this will mean that the amount of projects per year will depend on how many different materials/techniques are being researched. For 2017 we are researching 4 techniques (earthbags, rammed earth, waste material and panels)  and working on improving them.  Through research and also outreach we will connect with several other organisations, which will increase the number of new partnerships significantly. Finally, the income from the generating activities  that the NGO is undertaking will increase, since we will be able to offer services as experts and provide consultancy to other organisations.


All of our goals are very ambitious and we do realise that through time we might have to adapt some of our goals to guarantee success. But our young and passionated team members believe in our capabilities and we work hard to achieve them. We make reachable targets, one-year objectives and 3 months objectives in order not to loose direction and move step by step to finish the marathon. I believe the key to success for C-re-aid, is the extremely ambitious team members and our capability to reinvent ourselves and learn from our mistakes. We start 2017 with renewed position descriptions, clear tasks and responsibility for all team members and an action plan that is followed up in weekly meetings! This time next year, I hope to amaze you with all our achievements!

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