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Apero Mambo!

What a great first edition of “Apero Mambo”. With the theme “movements” or more specific “moved by Africa” we received three guest lecturers who talked about their experiences in Africa, as well personal as professionally. The lecturers based their talks on the abstract presented by C-re-aid:

Nowadays, the western perception of Africa is embedded with the continent’s many problems. Economic, social and political problems are often mentioned in the news. Words such as poverty and corruption are the first to pop up while thinking or speaking of the continent. Not to forget all the African people, leaving their home countries in large numbers, in search of a better life abroad.
However, many people are still moving to Africa to work and experience in different areas of expertise. They are motivated and ambitious and believe in the possibilities of the continent, in a positive future and in success stories. The question of why some of us are attracted to Africa –while being overloaded with negative images and ideas of the continent- often pops up. What triggers someone to go work, and often even settle down, in Africa? Which diamonds have we found in the places we have started to call home?

People came from close and far to attend Apero Mambo, to listen to our speakers and have a taste of the great Apero Mambo beer! We were so happy to welcome old and new students, Kogeka Geel, VTI Brugge, the bubbledivers and many friends of C-re-aid.

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We warmly want to thank our guest speakers Ken De Cooman (BC Architects & studies), Els Hannes (Uhasselt) and Katrien Pype (KUL). Thank you so much to the whole C-re-aid team who worked extremely hard again to make sure everything was well prepared and went well. The organisation was able to raise funds for C-re-aid! We are looking forward to our next edition in 2017!

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