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C-re-aid, in the search of more sustainable ways of building will be putting the Eco-brick technique into practice during the completion of one of the upcoming projects.

What’s Eco-brick?

An Eco-brick is a plastic bottle stuffed solid with non-biological waste to create a reusable building block. Also known as a bottle brick, or Eco-ladrillo, this local waste solution has come to be known by a growing movement of communities around the world.

What are the advantages of building with Eco-bricks over traditional bricks ?

  • Low cost material
  • Non-brittle
  • They can take up heavy loads without failure.
  • Bio climatic
  • Re-usable
  • Less need of construction material
  • Easy to build
  • Green construction

How to make an Eco-brick?

Simply stuff soft (unrecyclable) plastic inside an empty plastic bottle up to the brim. Make sure the plastic is clean and dry beforehand. Then help yourself with a wood or metal stick to compact the plastic and make the bottle as solid as possible, making sure there are not gaps in between. It takes at least an hour to properly fill a bottle.

  • ( C-re-aid team members filling up bottles with the soft plastic)


How to build an Eco-bricks wall?

First of all lay your soft plastic filled bottles flat on their sides, all pointing the same direction, note that the bottle top will be sticking out.Secure them into a fix position using sand, cement mix or mud. Place the second layer of bottles above the first row and fill the gaps with the sand / cement mix. .Using a level to ensure they are in line, carefully use cement or mud to hold your bottles in position. Once the desire height has been reached the bottles needs to be bind with a string, round the base end of the bottle sticking out using a criss-cross pattern, after that the plastic bottles walls will be covered in a cement/sand and water mix.


An alternative to Eco-brick: Ocean bricks (OB) 

We have also tested the Ocean Brick technique. Essentially two bottles are packed with plastic and sealed end to end by cutting a bottle’s top off, thus creating a wider opening make easier to stuff the plastic. Once the bottom is 90% complete we place silicone around the top of the main bottle, after that the top and bottom of the brick are screwed down. (see picture 1.) This technique allow as to fill the bottle in a shorter period of time although Unlike traditional Eco-bricks, Ocean Bricks do generate waste in their making. Bottles must be cut, and there is not much use for the left over bottle top, they are as well more fragile, and more likely to generate methane than regular Eco-bricks.


Not only for building walls.. also furniture!

Eco-bricks modules allow you to create benches, tables, chairs and other furniture pieces in a very simple way. For instances, to make a stool out of plastic bottles all you need is 12 bottles with stuffed plastic and silicone to assemble the bottles to each other.. They can be arranged in different shapes, stored vertically and stacked on top of the other. Start your creations!