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A groundwork summer

It has already been two months since we first arrived in Moshi, but we still remember the day as if it were yesterday. First, we got to know the busy traffic, full of local boda bodas, tuk tuks and dala dalas, accompanied by the delicious smell of kerosene. For the first time we learned about African punctuality, or lack thereof, and the self-made wooden shops all along the streets.

GW project Mikocheni: Floris, Peter and Loti

Since then, we have all acquired different views and opinions on all of this and Moshi has truly become our home. A home in the Backyard Hostel, surrounded by the C-re-aid people, who have always helped us and who we have had a great time with! We have seen people come and go, but they will never be forgotten. We have spent a lot of fun evenings together, like the weekly cocktail nights, often ending in the Redstone night club, the trivia quiz in the hostel and the dinners at the local restaurants with their delicious (and at times not so delicious) food.

We also got the chance to get to know Tanzania’s nature. I went on a safari to lake Manyara, Tarangire, Ngorongoro and Serengeti. One by one amazing! But we also visited the Materuni waterfalls, lake Jipe, lake Chala and Kindoroko Mountain… We did a coffee tour, relaxed at the hotsprings and enjoyed the small hikes in nature.

GW project Mikocheni: Femke, Nabil and Dries

However, beside all the fun, we also needed to work. Each of us is working on a groundwork project. For the first time we got the full responsibility for an entire project, from calculating the budget to the last nails that need to be nailed in the wood beams. It has been an educational experience that would never have been the same without the help of Dries, Chris and Loti. Every morning they wake up with us at 6h30 to start building for the whole day and to teach us tips and tricks during the construction process. The collaboration with the Tanzanian students of Ardhi University has also been an extra surprise during the project.

GW project Shimbwe: Jakob, Joseph and Msafiri

Together we look forward to the final result and we cannot wait to hand over the houses to the families. We hope that the remaining 2 weeks will be as fantastic as the last few ones have been. We would like to thank the entire C-re-aid team for everything they do for us and we will definitely miss you!